Priya Seth, BA(Hons.) Ceramics


Priya is from New Delhi but has spent much of her life in the Middle-East before achieving her Ceramics BA (Hons.) at Central Saint Martins College in London.


After returning to her hometown in India, she continued her search for a hands-on experience with clay and sought a further and deeper relationship with the material. She specializes in wheel thrown ceramics, and slabbing technique, using stoneware clay body as her medium.


She has worked under the guidance of renowned ceramist Rachna Parasher for two years and started running her own practice from 2007 in New Delhi.


She has worked closely with traditional craftsmen, adopting some of their unique techniques during the making process and has learnt to appreciate the intricacies of studio pottery. She always experiments with new methods of creating, conventional and unconventional, aiming to blur boundaries and rigid preconceptions of making.


Along with developing works for exhibition she has involved herself with various client projects.Her exclusive tagines have been bought from Ramola's Bachchan "Manre" restaurant (Saket - New Delhi ) and Meenakshi Raju's "The Biere Club" (M.G. Rd. - Bangalore ) and sculptural murals from Circa 1193 restaurant (Merahuli - New Delhi ).


She exibited numerous times at the British Council and British High Commission in New Delhi, the Stainless Gallery (New Delhi ) and New designers '03 (London ).



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